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Staff Opportunities in ISM
For a list of opportunities for service with a national or regional group ministering among internationals:
Press Here

Tips on Identifying ISM Contacts via ACMI
If you are looking to connect to an ISM volunteer or staff in another location, in North America or abroad, here are three options. All can be accessed via this ACMI "Public" website. Click Here.

ISM Worker Directory
Need to locate an ISM worker in another North American city?
Click Here.
(NOTE: Some in this Directory may be too busy to respond to email requests).

NAFSA's Christian "SIG"
A Christian "Specific Interest Group" (SIG) of NAFSA: Association of International Educators will soon be establishing a new website. Look for the link to be announced here soon.

Originally the National Association of Foreign Student "Advisors," (later "Affairs"), many Christian International Student Advisors and other members of NAFSA used to gather together within their national conventions at the invitation of Dr. Jack Burke.

Jack also shared in the founding vision of ACMI back in 1981 and has written a paper to appear on this Christian SIG website in which he shares "Lessons Learned in Service to International Students."

ISMers have found NAFSA membership and participation in Regional or National conferences to be valuable for professional development, gaining broader perspectives of international student services, exposure to new resources, and beneficial networking and opportunities to build trust and reduce barriers with campus administration and staff. For information about NAFSA, see:

To see news of a NAFSA Christian SIG luncheon honoring Jack and D'Ann Burke, see tne "News" section in the menu (top left of this home page).

Free Thanksgiving and Christmas booklets
Janet Payne is offering online two free booklets related to Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations in the United States, which may be helopful in entertaining internationals in your home.

Janet also has a good deal of resource material on this website for using Biblical study to help internationals learn or improve their English as a second language. See: Click here.

ACMI | Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals

New 2013 ACMI Mission/Vision and Purpose Statements

Below are the newly approved mission and vision statements of ACMI, along with a statement of our primary purposes, adopted February 22, 2013 by the ACMI Board.


Our mission is to enhance ministry to international students and scholars by serving individuals, churches and agencies that are active in international student ministry (ISM). Our efforts include:

• Facilitating networking
• Promoting collaboration
• Resourcing ISM workers
• Encouraging one other

so that Christ would be glorified among the nations.


We want ACMI to become a globally networked, multi-generational association of Christians that increases effectiveness, promotes unity and provides resources for the worldwide ISM community.


1. Facilitating connections and creating a forum, including
an annual conference, for partnership and
collaboration among individuals, churches and
2. Providing resources for individuals and ministries seeking
to become more effective in ISM.
3. Facilitating connections between inbound or relocating
international students/scholars and ISM workers.
4. Facilitating connections between returning international
students/scholars and Christian contacts in their homelands.
5. Providing encouragement and camaraderie among ISM
professionals or volunteers.
6. Encouraging the expansion of ISM on under-represented

Carmen Bryant
ACMI Acting Executive Director

Carmen J Bryant, ACMI
Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals
WorldView Center, Room 206
6012 SE Yamhill St
Portland, OR 97215-2829
Ned Hale, ACMI Staff

ACMI Website Developed and Maintained by Ned Hale, ACMI Staff

Ned Hale (pictured at left) works part-time as ACMI Staff. His responsibilities include doing research on ISM and overseeing the older ACMI website (from its creation in 2007 to the present) at Currently based in Madison, Wisconsin, Ned is one of the founding fathers of ACMI (which began with consultations of ISM leaders in 1981) and was a member of the original ACMI Board. In 2010 he was recognized by the current ACMI Board at the annual ACMI 2010 Conference in Manhattan, Kansas, where he was given the Leiton Chinn award for excellence in ISM leadership. If you have questions or suggestions for the older ACMI website, feel free to address them to Ned at: Click here.

Privacy Statement for ACMI Web Site

See the following document: Click Here.

Leiton Chinn, former President of ACMI

Past ACMI President, Leiton Chinn, Serves ISM Worldwide

Leiton Chinn (pictured here) is one of the many founders of ACMI back in 1981 and has served ACMI as its President in the early 2000s. To see his report following Capetown2010 go to: Click here

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International Student Ministry is Global
ISM is global! Do you have contacts in Europe who would be interested in ISM? The number of foreign students in Europe is increasing each year. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statis-tics (2007) of all the international mobile students in the world, 48.3% choose Europe as their destination. The International Student Ministry Network is part of IFES Europe and exists to envision and equip Christians for Christ-centered ministry among international students. Their vision is to have an active international student ministry across IFES Europe. For more information, go to Click here.

Want to join ACMI?
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New data on internationals published in 2013 by IIE
The Institute of International Education (IIE) has just published the new data on international students in the USA in their "OPEN DOORS." For a summary of the highlights of this data and its sources, go to: Click here. A summary of the data from OPEN DOORS can also be found at: Click here. Of interest also are blogs of current internationals in the Voice of America website reflecting some of their concerns and attitudes about being in the USA: Click here.

Near Future Events for Internationals
Upcoming conferences are listed on our new ISM website under “conferences” see: Click here

For a description of events of recent years, some of which are held annually, see: Click here.

Near Future Events for ISM Workers
May 29-31, 2014 - ACMI 2014 Conference in Atlanda is described at: ACMI 2014 Website. You can also add a link to a conference flier on your Facebook, Twitter, and Ministry web pages: ACMI 2014 Flier.

June 21-25, 2014 - ISI 2014 Advanced Leadership Conference will be held at the Denvder Tech Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado. For more info and to register, see: Click here (click: "About ISI").

Upcoming conferences are listed on our new ISM website under “conferences” see: Click here

For a description of events of recent years, some of which are held annually, see: Click here.

Access for ACMI Members
Click Here to enter ACMI members private site. If you are a member currently and forgot your password, contact us at Click here.

ACMI Annual National Conference 2013
Over 400 people attended ACMI's Annual National Conference, ACMI 2013
in Columbus May 29-June 2, 2013. The theme was "Discovering New Frontiers in ISM." Audio and video recordings have now been posted at Click here. (You will need your ACMI member password to access the recordings). ACMI 2013 photos are now also on the website at: Click here.

ACMI Conf. Plenary Speakers
One of the good things about joining ACMI as a member (renewable annually each July) is access to the "PRIVATE" (members-only, password-protected) side of this ACMI website.

One relatively new feature of the PRIVATE side, for example, is the posting of some of the speakers by audio-streaming their sessions at one of the recent ACMI annual national conferences. For more details on this see:
Click here